In seeking to serve those who work in the City Centre, Together believes in represention of the churches in office and retail establishments for the provision of pastoral support, compassionate listening and expression of the Christian faith (when appropriate). There can also be oppportunities for the exploration of ethical and philosophical issues relating to life, business and commerce.



A message from Sally Fraser, Workplace Chaplain


I am so delighted to have been appointed to the role of City Centre chaplain, and I feel deeply privileged to have the opportunity to serve this community. At any time, in any situation, it is a blessing to walk alongside people in their everyday lives. But in what has been such a period of struggle, perhaps more so.  

In the city centre there is a sense of opening up and expectancy at the moment. The flowers are blooming, we will see more and more leaves return to the trees, and slowly shutters are coming up and doors are opening. But we are all aware that so much has changed. We see many empty premises, and are aware that for so many there is so much uncertainty. And for all of us, however the past year has affected us, there is pain and loss. Something bad and difficult has happened.  

As people of faith, we are used to carrying good news and sadness at the same time. Ours has always been a story of hope and new life which was also painful and difficult. Ours is a god who does not shy away from pain, nor leave sad stories untold. This is the gift, then, that we all have to offer our communities at the moment. To be beside people in the difficult bits, and be signs of hope that new life is not only always possible but always inevitable. 



There are a couple of images I am carrying with me at the moment. The first is the line from Hebrews about having an anchor for our soul. This sense of grounding, of something which does not stop us bobbing around in the storm but will stop us being washed all together, really resonated with me, and underpins I hope to live in this new role for me.

I have also been sitting with the idea of Christ alongside us on the road to Emmaus. Not always immediately recognisable, but helping us understand the events of our own lives in light of our relationship with God. This beautiful image by Janet Brooks Gerloff (HERE) which I was introduced to through one of the lovely Soul Space reflections captures that so well I think. 

And then, as I settled in a nook by a sunlit window for my morning prayers recently here at St Cuthberts, I noticed this beautiful prayer on a chair nearby. It is about Jesus creeping in beside us, and I really felt him doing that to me. And this is a prayer for all of us at this time, that we may sense Jesus beside us, and be that smiling, sometimes challenging, but always loving presence to others in our communities so very much in need. 









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