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The leaflets showing our Easter services (jointly and separately) are now available in our churches.

*services marked with an asterisk are specifically Joint Easter events


HOLY WEEK SERVICES Sunday 14th April to Easter Sunday 21th April 2019


Palm Sunday 14th April

St Andrew’s & St George’s West Church of Scotland

            9 am               Communion
            9.45 am          All age worship
            11 am             Choral service 


St John’s  Episcopal

            8 am               Morning Eucharist
            9.30 am          Choral Matins
            10.30 am        Choral Eucharist with
                                   Blessing of Palms and
                                   sung Passion of Christ
            6 pm               Choral Evensong


St Cuthbert’s Church of Scotland

         9.30 am             Holy Communion
            11 am             Morning Worship
                                   Procession of Palms
                                   -Holy Communion
            6 pm               Evening Worship



Monday  15th April

12.30 pm       St John’s - Eucharist


Tuesday 16th April

12.30 pm       St John’s - Eucharist
3.30 pm         St John’s - Exploring Silent Prayer
*7.30 pm        St John’s – Taize Eucharist


Wednesday 17th April

11 am             St John’s – Eucharist
12.30 pm       St John’s – Midday Prayer
*12.30 pm – 8 pm St Cuthbert’s – `Holy Week
                          “soul space”  Contemplative
                           space, led reflections
                           1pm and 7 pm 


Maundy Thursday 18th April

12.30 pm       St John’s – Eucharist
12.45 pm       St Cuthbert’s – Maundy
                       Thursday Community Service
6 pm               St John’s Cornerstone Café –
                        Agape meal
7 pm               St Andrew’s & St George’s West
                        – Seder (a Passover based meal)
                        with the Choir. 
  7 pm              St Cuthbert’s – Holy Communion
                        with Tenebrae Vigil
7.30 pm           St John’s - Maundy Thursday
                        Eucharist with footwashing
                        (beginning Cornerstone Centre
                        then moving into Church)

Good Friday 19th April

11 am             St Cuthbert’s – Good Friday 
                       Morning Worship
 *12.00- 3.00 pm  St John’s – ‘The Three Hours’
                      (Sermon by The Very
                      Reverend Gilleasbuig Macmillan)  
7 pm              St Andrew’s & St George’s West –
                       worship with Choir
7 pm              St Cuthbert’s – Good Friday
                       Evening Reflection
7 pm              St John’s - Evensong

Holy Saturday 20th April   
10 am-12 pm  St Johns – Messy Café
                          – all ages
9 pm              St John’s – Great Vigil
                      of Easter

Easter Day, Sunday  21st April
* 7 am            Joint Service Easter Dawn
                      Communion at St. Cuthbert’s
                      Communion in the Garden,
                       followed by breakfast
9 am               St Andrew’s & St George’s West –
9.30 am          St John’s – Festal Matins
9.45 am          St Andrew’s & St George’s West 
- Congregational Breakfast
 10.30 am        St John’s – Festal Eucharist
                        (Missa Paschalis
                        by Stephen Doughty)
  11 am            St Cuthbert’s – Easter Day
                        Service of Holy Communion
                        (Vierne Messe Solennelle)
  11 am             St Andrew’s & St George’s West
                         - Joint Easter service with
                         Albany Church for the Deaf,
                         with Holy Communion.
                         Children & families welcome
  6 pm               St John’s – Eucharist  
6 pm                 St Cuthbert’s – Evening worship
                         with Holy Communion